Restaurant Marketing Ideas

online & Offline Marketing


Do you want more people coming into your restaurant? Do you want to sell more to existing customers and get them to visit you more often? Do you want more customers & more money while spending less? You can get a “YES” to these three questions by properly marketing your restaurant.

Many restaurant owners refuse to do any consistent marketing! That is unbelievable to me; however, it is normal for many restaurants. The most profitable restaurants spend money on marketing. They see it as an investment not an expense, unlike the dumpster by your restaurant. In order to succeed, you MUST view yourself as the marketer of your restaurant and NOT just an owner.

Plenty of restaurant owners are confused about what business they are running. The simplest way to look at your business is to realize that the two most important activities in your business is marketing and providing the food and service that you are marketing. Every day the doors of your restaurant are open is a day that you should be focusing on marketing.

You do not get paid to counsel employees, do payroll, answer questions about when the delivery truck will arrive and sit around waiting for someone to eat at your restaurant. You get paid when a customer pays you. You’re number one job every day has to be getting more paying customers through your doors. The only way to do that is to become a marketing fanatic.

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